Glenfiddich Releases 11 Bottles of 55 Year Old Scotch on Its 125th Anniversary

This is a special year for Glenfiddich, the largest selling single malt scotch in the world. The famous whisky brand is celebrating its 125th anniversary. The year is also important for them as it is the 110th year of the last living granddaughter of Glenfiddich’s founder. To commemorate the occasion the brand has released what could be the most expensive whisky in the world. Named after the granddaughter of Glenfiddich’s founder, the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve is a 55-year-old scotch. It is not being distributed for sale. Since it is being released in a very limited edition, it will all be auctioned off.

Glenfiddich is the same age as the Statue of Liberty as it is also celebrating its 125th year. It seemed quite logical to take whisky lovers to the Statue and hold an auction there. The first two bottles had already created records for the brand as they fetched $72,630 and $69,656 respectively. For the event a tent had been erected a few hundred feet behind the Statue. William Grant & Sons, the company that owns Glenfiddich was performing the role of the host perfectly. The third golden bottle of the Janet Sheed Roberts reserve was put on display atop a narrow wooden table.  A single spotlight was focused on the precious spirit.

Brian Kinsman, the Master Mixer for William Grant and Sons monitors the ageing process of whisky and he is the man who decides if at all the scotch is ready to be bottled for the market. He explained the unduly long process of ageing adopted for the Roberts Reserve. Normally whisky doesn’t take 55 years to mature but this particular whisky has aged very slowly and its fruitiness has become very concentrated. It has acquired a much richer and deeper flavor which is very similar to dried fruit. The evening culminated in the auction which saw real estate developer Mahesh Patel win the third bottle for a record price of $94,000.

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