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Real world has become dependent on virtual world; we can get almost everything by simple click of the mouse.  But still there are some tasks which have to do ourselves like scheduling day’s personal appointments and business meetings. At best we can depend on personal assistant or secretary to help us out but then hiring right kind of personal assistant itself is a tricky business. What if you could just hire virtual assistant who could organize your day and business life? Rent-a-Smile is offering personal and professional assistance services for a price based on the task.

The best part of Rent-a-Smile is that it offers task based assistance and it charges on hourly basis. So one need not have to hire a real assistant and pay wages. But this is worst part of it too because in the times of economic downturn it will lure companies to hire virtual assistant on hourly basis rather than hiring one. Instead of creating job opportunities it will take away jobs of good old secretaries who smile and even make a good cup of coffee. On the flip side it will be good have any kind of assistance just a phone call away. Of course they dont offer personal slave to do laundry but they can arrange for any kind of services within minutes.

These are sad times because we have to rent a virtual smile service for assisting us and we are becoming a part of modern individualistic world. It is an ideal service for misanthropes who find dealing with human beings very annoying.

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