Futuristic Boatplane: Believable or Ridiculous?

If you are rich enough to have a few Boeing 727s and that too unused and lying in your backyard, you could try and contact the guys at Hydro Lance Corporation. What they have actually done is used their less than admirable Photoshop skills to create the 3D rendition of a futuristic boatplane, that would well, never exist. According to them, they are going to use fuselage, controls, and engines from older planes and attach a massive “Hydro Lance” to each side.

However they forget that the jet engine would be corroded by the sea, and the fuselage loading is not exactly designed for the ocean either. If Photoshop could really be used to create believable 3D renditions, this certainly is not one of the examples. In fact it could be what a school kid might do after he or she learns how to use Photoshop after a while.

It would have been an interesting idea at least if the Boatplane came with a swimming pool, or well, a place for UFOs to land. With Photoshop, anything that runs wild in your mind exists, doesn’t it? It is surprising that such designs are even doing the rounds on the Internet. So try and use your Photoshop skills to create something “futuristic and luxurious”.

Via: Jalopnik

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