Full Moon Is the Be-All and End-All of Paix-Dieu Beer, Claims the Owner of the Brewery

Paix-Dieu beer is more likely to become everybody’s hot favorite, not only because of its rich and strong taste but also because of the supernatural element attached to it. According to the brewery’s third generation owner, the first batch of Paix-Dieu beer got its ‘rich and strong’ taste from the light of full autumnal moon!
This beer is manufactured by Brewery Caulier, which is a small brewery owned by a family and its recipe has been passed down to the generations as a legacy. This brewery is located in Peruwelz, which is again a small and closely knit town in Belgium. This news caught up so fast with people of that town that it has now almost become folklore.

The first batch produced by the owner had a different taste and a stronger punch, but he claims to have done nothing differently and holds the full moon responsible for the imparting a unique taste. Caulier plans to reserve the distribution rights of this gold colored beer in the U.S. and Japan. It could be an urban myth or a lame attempt made by the brewery owner to sell its first batch of beer like hotcakes, no matter what it is, it certainly worked!  

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