French Jewellery House Taness Unveils Collection for Women

Thomas Cherer is an enigmatic entrepreneur who is the brain behind Taness. Taness is a Paris based luxury jewellery designer and they are known for their classic and avant garde designs that woo the aesthetically enabled. He reveals that the tw2o pillars of the luxury industry are quality and creativity and thus, what he creates in France are not inspired by what he sees in France alone but also everything around the world including something he saw in Manhattan perhaps.

He believes that the woman who would wear Taness jewellery would be someone who has a sort of elegance with a touch of eccentricity. His jewellery are takes on classic French jewellery and they present them in a totally unconventional manner.

In fact, it shows another side to the French jewellery industry that which we may perhaps not have known. The prices for the jewellery range between 2680 Euros and 5930 Euros, excluding VAT and custom taxes. You could order the pieces directly from Taness and all that you would need to do is send them an email. This could be the best we have come across this week.

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