Forking out amazing art: Sayaka Ganz breaths new life into discarded plastic!

Plastic waste is one of the most dangerous hazards that are plaguing the planet today and while environmentalists are calling out for safe disposal of plastic waste, artists like Sayaka Ganz are turning this demon into captivating works that would proudly adore your living space. These astounding pieces of work and many more designed, crafted and created all so meticulously by designer and artist Sayaka Ganz have all been crafted from discarded kitchen ware that ranges from plastic forks knives and spoons to even sunglasses and bendy baskets at times.

The galloping horses seen here are part of a set of works made from plastic eating utensils. Her other works range from sniffing dogs to gorgeous penguins that are making their way across the Antarctic Ocean. Then there are the fishes and the proud Eagle that will further steal your heart. All this just from plastic waste; making this not just brilliant exhibition of her artistic skill but also a wonderful awareness program as well!

While they might sound simple, Ganz takes nine months to an year to get some of those done and with each one being sold at £7,000, it is obvious that they are already pretty popular with art lovers across the globe… And for good reason too!