ForbesLife Revamped Hits the News Stands!

If you were looking for the latest luxury magazine to hit the stands, look no further than the ForbesLife. It was launched 22 years ago but now Forbes is revamping the magazine and bringing it to the masses for a price of $6.99. Earlier it was available to a select audience and only to those who could afford the most expensive products. It would also be available on the iPad, Nook and Kindle. The magazine was revamped and redesigned by the celebrated designer Robert Priest.

The mag features a photo-driven editorial content that is totally out of this world. The current issue features stories from jay Leno’s $20 Million garage, Elon Musk’s home and a lot of other cool stuff that you usually find in luxury magazines. I would say, go ahead and get your copy pronto so that you know what is happening in the world of luxury. It is a great decision by the guys at Forbes to bring the mag to the masses.

However, lots of affluent people may not like the idea of their favorite magazine going pedestrian. I mean, the magazine would be literally available on the streets now. That must dishearten the elite people who form the 1% of the population. I can empathize with them. Or, am I being sarcastic? Of course I am! Nevertheless, it is a glossy mag that tells you how rich people are actually getting these days, and how much work is left before you can go ahead and buy everything that’s featured there.

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