First Yotel in America to Open in June in Midtown New York

The cost of creating and running a hotel is generally high because of two major components, namely, real estate and manpower. If you can reduce the role of these two elements, that is, make do with lesser space and manage to run the hotel efficiently with lesser number of people then the cost of the product, which is a room in this case, goes down and the hotel becomes more profitable in the long run. There is a definite requirement and demand of such hotels at lower price points and the concept has become possible with some innovative use of technology.

Yotel is the newest hotel to open in Midtown New York, this June. By creating a luxurious ambience in a smaller space Yotel has made their rooms resemble a LED backlit science fiction set piece. The concept had been developed for an airport location targeting the transit passengers who would want to relax in between flights. Its success has encouraged them to erect a City Yotel. The younger tech savvy guests will surely like this Apple Stores meets Space Station Mir hotel that has replaced the front office with a bank of supercomputers to check you in.

Some robotic technology is used to create a gadget to handle your baggage. You ride yourself in the elevator to your room. It might look a little cramped in the beginning but the luxury and comfort levels are so high that you forget that the room is on the smaller side. The beds are motor controlled and its shape can be maneuvered to provide optimum level of comfort to you and a good night’s sleep. 12 of the suites have larger baths with a hot tub. But the highlight is the 4,000-square-foot Terrace which is the biggest balcony lounge in the city. The space has been optimally utilized in the new Yotel.

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