First Class Flying May Come to an End

If you liked your champagne and your cigars on board flights, chances are they would be soon coming to an end. First class flying has been turned into a farce by the recession and airleines have suffered much because of the entire fiasco. While it is not clear if all the airlines would do away with first class cabins for good, many have already begun to remove the first class cabin.

Euromonitor, which studies trends such as these revealed that

“The global economic downturn has shrunk demand for premium travel, and it is difficult to determine whether it will ever recover to the peaks seen in 2007. Many airlines have changed the configuration of their planes to reduce the number of premium seats, and it is likely that a percentage of business travellers have permanently defected to the cheap seats.”

Singapore Airlines revealed several new flights without the first class cabin. Instead, emphasis is being given to business class where passengers would get lie-flat beds, and iPod ports. Of course, frequent first class travellers would miss all the fun, but when the economy is really bad, could one really blame the airliners? I am afraid not. Thus, one may have to get adjusted with the business class travel instead of the first Class travel.

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