Fine Individual Hotels Develops a New Informative Website

Many people would like to opt out of the standard luxury hotels that are part of a large chain but do not know where to find a suitable alternative. Even if they know that such hotels exist they do not know how to go about booking in advance. To take care of this problem 50 of the very best privately owned and operated luxury hotels in the UK have got together to launch a brand new website with compelling content and easy to navigate.

The site has been developed as a one stop shop for people looking for quality accommodation in UK. The developers have made sure that the site is user friendly and a casual user can also use it effectively. The ‘quick search’ facility allows the user to look for specific categories or specific regions.

Every member hotel has its own dedicated page on the site where guests can find detailed information about the hotel, images and the booking mechanism or a number through which one can book directly with the property. The site also plans to collect user reviews from guests and base their hotel ratings on them. Fine Individual Hotels offers you options to suit all tastes and occasions and all with a few simple clicks on the website.

Via: Easier

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