Fatcork.com Brings In Exquisite Grower Champagnes To The U.S

The liquor industry is perhaps one of the progressive verticals in the U.S economy and as more and more brands come with an assortment of alcoholic drinks to the market, the entire market is now flooded with both budget as well as quite expensive and luxurious drinks for all occasions. Even with so many drinks available for the consumers to choose, there is one category, that is not only considered to be used only on special occasions, but is also available in a limited variety only and that is, Champagne. Whether it be holidays, birthdays or weddings, Champagne has for a long time now, has been associated with happiest of times and is one of the most preferred drinks for celebrations.

Now a couple based in Seattle, Bryan and Abby Maletis have come out with an all new website called, Fatcork.com, through which they are now bringing the one of the most revered champagnes in the world, the Grower, to the consumers in the United States. Bryan Maletis is the is the son of Ed Maletis, who is the owner of the biggest largest beer, wine and soft drink wholesale company in Northwest U.S, Columbia Distributor. The Grower champagnes are said to be some of the most exquisite sparkling wines in the world and come from the Champagne region in France. This all new service started by Mr. Maletis is said to be self-funded from his own savings and will be composed of 12 imported growers, where in 39 cuvees will be imported, with two to five cuvees from grower. All these bottles of delicious champagnes will be available exclusively via the online service and will cost you $40 to $200 with an average price of $52. Local Seattle residents can even make personal appointments with Bryan Maletis to pick up their own bottles of the grower champagnes.

According to Bryan Maletis,

“The family business has nothing to do with this. It was a small start-up cost that my wife and I were able to handle with our savings. No VC’s, no investors, just our dream. The only grower we work with that is currently imported into the US is one called Grongnet, the other 11 are exclusive to us. We have set up an importer entity called A & B Trade to handle the import side of things, while Fat Cork handles the retail business.”

Via Wine Business

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