Fashion revamped: Cufflinks created from the Prince of Wales’ Recycled Royal Car Parts

When you are the Prince of Wales it goes without saying that you have the very best on the planet at your service and you can get pretty much anything done without having to worry too much about the cost. So when Prince Charles received the 1970 Aston Martin DB6 Volante as a birthday gift from his mom, he decided to go green with it and revamped the darling car to run on biofuel. Now that has pretty much led to a few genuine DB6 parts being trashed and London-based TMB Art metal decided to turn that trash into cufflinks of great style!

Taking the original aluminum engine pistons from the luxury vehicle, they have transformed them into 200 pairs of cufflinks in two designs that not just look grand and nothing like recycled stuff but also are a fitting tribute to the legendary DB6 and Aston Martin. Made of 18k gold, one fashioned to look like an exact, miniature sculpture of the DB6 Volante, the other replicates the car’s iconic wheel spinners, the cool cufflinks will cost you $1600 a pair.

They come along with authentic certification and the added thrill of owning a piece of royalty… even if it is royal trash. The good part is that at least you are recycling and if your girl is a car fanatic then this sure as hell will work just great.

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