Faber Castell celebrates its 250th anniversary with a special edition gift set

Faber Castell is synonymous with everything related to art tools. Ever since we were kids we have used their colour pencils, sketch pens, sketch pads, and what not. Their range and packages are really drool worthy for any kid, art lover etc. But this time around the German company has brought out the mother of all art sets. The occasion is the company’s 250th anniversary.

Just take a look at the above picture and you will find everything that you will need to satisfy the artist in you. Would be the best gift you can give to an art lover. But those who are already interested in this gift set should stop drooling and pull up their socks soon, as this set is available in a limited edition. Only 1,761 sets are going to be available in the market. You would ask why 1,761 and not some rounded off figure. Well if you aren’t great at maths you probably couldn’t calculate that 1761 is two fifty years back if calculated from 2011.

And so that means that 1761 was the year that Faber Castell was established. Ok so now that you know that, let me also tell you that these sets will be available at Colette in October.

Via: AcquireMag

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