Exciting Scorpian IV With Audi Engine for $46,000

Whenever you come up with something different the reaction is going to be extreme. People either love it or just hate it. Similar is the case with the three wheeled ATVs. Whenever there is a discussion about them  two camps emerge with very strong feelings. People either love or hate Trikes and there is simply where the views of the two groups intersect. Which group do you belong to? Do you hate or love Trikes? If you love them there is good news for you.

Grinnal Cars has launched Scorpion IV. With a price of $46,000 it is both a luxury item as well as an alternative mode of transportation. For people who like it, this new model is going to be a lot of fun. It has been designed using an Audi 1.8 engine. It has 4 cylinder, 5 valves and a 6 speed Getrag transmission. This is a new level of power for a Trike. The earlier models of Scorpion like SIII had engines from the BMW’s line of 4 cylinder motorcycles.

The powerful S-IV is capable of 370 bhp and  300 lb/ft of troque. Can you imagine what that kind of power can do to a relatively small vehicle? The company also offers other variants of their Trikes. The ones with the engines from triumph motorbikes are also very exciting.

Via: JustLuxe

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