ET Mercedes-Benz 300D Limo Shows Way to Make Millions from Recycled and Remodeled Car

Truly if there were an exclusive award for making most out of recycling and remodeling vehicles then certainly ET Mercedes-Benz 300 D Limo would have won hands down. This remodeled is making most bucks and has also won awards for its concept and performance. The ultimate car Art Car winner is on sale for whopping $ 950,000 on eBay! Well, who says trash has no value!

The extra-terrestrial Mercedes Benz is made from car parts of some nearly 40 cars, uses 36 mirrors and 3 batteries and all these have been fixed together in a body which is itself made by wielding together two Mercedes-Benz 300 TD cars! This fusion beauty is an engineering marvel and no doubt one of the best artistic creations. This amazing car which weighs 3,402 kilograms and is nearly 8.9 meters in length was built by Antti Rahko  over 10 years .  It has won Houston Texas Art Car competition and “People’s Choice Award” twice. According to seller it is highly functional and consumes 25mpg Diesel.

This recycled and remodeled car is highly inspirational and one hopes it will inspire people to create new functional models out of old used and discarded cars.

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