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Epitaph Bike from Autum has four Wheels

The luxury items are generally expensive but surely different from others in their category. So now you have a luxury bicycle with four wheels. It has not been explained as to how the two additional wheels help in the performance of the bike or if at all they help. It is no doubt expensive at $2,950 for a bicycle though the materials used to make it are very exclusive. It is a leather clad cruiser bike made by a company called AUTUM. The limited edition bikes have been named Epitaph.

The two wheels in front and two wheels in the rear are all stacked side by side. All the wheels have extra wide rim. It is an unusual bike and only twelve pieces if this bike called Epitaph has been made. In fact the company has already sold one of them. To highlight the limited edition release and authenticate each bike Roman numerals are laser engraved on the frame. The number denotes the Epitaph edition you have got. The best thing about the bike made in the US is that every material used to make it has been exclusively sourced by the company to ensure the best quality.

Everything that has gone into making the bike has been made from scratch by the company. The wheels that actually make the bike different, has been custom made by the company. The leather used in the bike has been selected very carefully. It is aged leather and it has been used on the puffy seat, grip handles, and along the top tube to give it an upholstered look. The frame is made from powder coated steel. The bike comes with platform pedals and old-school coaster brakes.

Via: gearjunkie

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