Electric Sofa Boat: Completely cool… For both the planet and you!

Who ever told you that the coolest things on the planet are generally crafted by wasting resources and causing more harm to the planet than good? If you want to showcase the perfect example of luxury being amalgamated with style and green technology being blended with chic-comfort then look no further than the ultra-compact Sofa Boat. Stealing the show as it was recently unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show, the Sofa Boat is 3.5m ‘floating fun platform’ that allows you to take a romantic ride over the gentle waves on a beautiful evening.

The added attraction that comes along with the Sofa Boat is that it is completely electric, ensuring that there are absolutely no carbon emissions and hence the boat is as cool for the ailing planet as it is for you. Of course, there is the added advantage of being very silent and hence making that trip into the sunset all the more enjoyable.

Running on a 12 hour charge, there is also a solar-powered version of the sofa boat with retractable shade on top that is in the making. A B2B version with laptop dock, refrigerator and a lot more is also on its way out. While the basic version will cost $16,000, do not miss out on the added luxurious leather seats, refreshment tables, a stereo system on board or a two-sofa configuration as… Luxury is not an option!

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