Electric Car Makes A New Record

We are all aware of the innumerable benefits of an electric car and that it’s a boon to the ecosystem. Yet there are hardly any visible on the road. In fact, even as you ponder on buying a new vehicle, an electric one stays way out of your consideration list. So why can’t an electric car become  a mainstream vehicle? Well the answer is simple – the limited battery life. No matter how cute looking, economical or eco friendly it is, the main problem is that it has to be recharged every few kilometres. Thus cant be used as your main mode of commutation.

Fortunately though with ongoing experiments, the progress is inevitable and here it is. Mira EV customised by a civic group called Japan Electric Vehicle Club based in Tokyo travelled exactly 1,003.184 kilometers without a recharge. This feat has broken all the previous records of distance covered by an electric car. In fact, the goup has broken its own past record when another electric vehicle drove 555.6 kilomteres from Tolyo to Osaka on a single charge. The new record was made possibly by driving the car at a driving course n Shimotsuma, Japan which is apparently the world’s longest. Powered by a Sanyo lithium-ion battery (built by assembling 8,320 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries), the car ran for 27 and a half hours at around 40km/h on average.

A team of 17 people took turns at driving it and would soon have the Guinness World Records to officially recognize the drive.

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