DUKES Hotel General Manager Debrah Dhugga Speaks About The Organization & The Necessity Of More Women In Managerial Positions

One of the foremost and highly revered luxury hotels in England, DUKES Hotel was recently crowned with the title of England’s Leading Boutique Hotel by the World Travel Awards, thereby etching the hotel’s stellar reputation in stone. However, this accolade took a lot of hard work the hotel’s staff members as well as the General Manager of the establishment, Debrah Dhugga. Under her able leadership, the DUKES Hotel, which is widely considered to be a leading boutique hotel, has not only achieved such high levels of success, but this luxury hotel has now completed a renovation project that has led to the launch of an all new champagne lounge, a Cognac & Cigar Garden and a new restaurant called THIRTY SIX. The restaurant is being run and managed by none other than the highly profile Michelin star chef, Nigel Mendham.

As per Debrah Dhugga, DUKES Hotel’s flourishing reputation has led to a significant increase in the hotel’s performance, as till date for the year 2011, DUKES has been experiencing an impressive 80% occupancy level. Also, this magnificent hotel property has just launched PJ Lounge that has the capability of hosting parties for up to 20 people. This luxury lounge has been designed by Shaun Clarkson and is largely targeting female guests and more feminine oriented parties. For the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, DUKES Hotel is planning to offer special packages for 21 days, while the DUKES Bar will carry out its daily operations, including service to the general guests and visitors. As far as the contribution of females in managerial as well as administrative posts are concerned, Ms. Dhugga has stated that women’s inclusion into such luxury hotel management positions will most definitely bring in diversity of ideas, as females are known to be the best of both customers as well as employees.

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