Dreaming of a Luxury Mansion in Spain? Think Again for It Might Be Demolished!

Spain has been a dream destination not just for tourists, but also British and French property buyers. Most Middle aged and retired English people dream of owning a house in Spain, because of its sunny climate, and its scenic and cultural beauty.

Many real estate developers came forward and built luxurious mansions along the coasts, or in areas where constructions are not supposed to happen. However, these constructions happened in “good faith”, which means corruption was involved. Suddenly, Spanish authorities began to demolish houses that did not fit the so-called 1988 Rules.

These houses were demolished right in front of the eyes of the property owners, who usually had nowhere to go and they did not receive any compensation either. Property dealers of course were amiss. Several luxury mansions which belong to British and French and other European citizens have thus been demolished by Spanish authorities leading to a warning not to buy any property in Spain.

The issue was brought by EU parliamentarians and human rights campaigners. What is tragic and shocking is that Spain’s abysmal record of unequal application of planning laws and summary destruction of homes does not come with compensation either.

The property owners have nowhere to go, while the demolished house and the land were their only assets many a times. Spanish MEP Gabriel Mato has supported the EU MPs as well, and asserted that Spain must compensate those whose houses were demolished. If you were planning to buy a house in Spain, think again.. and several times more.

Via: Spanish News

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