Downgraded Dornier 328 Costs $8 Million

What could be better than owning a private jet that could take you anywhere you want without you having to wait at the airports? Well, owning a private jet that is something like the Dornier 328. The Dornier 328 comes with 32 seats in its original state but LiveJet has modded the private jet to become a 12 seat executive jet.

It costs $8 million and comes with a lot of room and great performance. The range is about 1,800 miles thanks to the reduced weight. The jet can handle high altitude airports and short runways as well, which makes it one of the best private jets in the world. You could get the jet for yourself, if you have a few millions lying without any particular reason in the bank.

Otherwise, you could contact the company LiveJet to mod a cool jet for you and you could get your own customized private jet. Lately, private jets have become the norm owing to a large number of kidnappings and security issues when one travels by car. If you are rich and if you think you are not safe on ground, get a private jet that is luxurious!

Via: Robb Report

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