Döttling Restores to Full Glory an 18th Century Italian Safe

Döttling, the German makers of luxury safes have been the leaders in their field since their inception in 1919. It goes to their credit that they still work with the same passion to deliver unique products that are examples of precision craftsmanship of the highest order. The Karl Lagerfeld designed Narcissus safe had created a buzz as it was the first time a celebrity designer had attempted to create a safe and lend his name to it.

Colosimo is another creation by them that has been appreciated very much and has consolidated their position at the very top. But the maximum media hype was created by the antique luxury safe project that saw them restore to its full glory an antique safe, which they called ‘The Skeleton.’ They have taken up a similar project and the results have been stunning. They had taken up a 200 year old luxury safe and unveiled it recently after reviving it completely along with its complicated mechanisms and hidden compartments. The restored safe has been named ‘The Buonaparte.’

This safe was built in Italy at the end of the 18th century. It has very detailed ornamentation on the outside that seems inspired by the Papal Tiara, the three-tiered jeweled papal crown. There is a trick mechanism in the safe which the workers of Döttling discovered much later. It is a secret compartment that opens only when all the three hidden buttons are pressed simultaneously. Döttling has been very impressed by the unique example of Italian locksmiths’ art from over 200 years ago. They have assured everyone that the safe has been restored well enough to last another 200 years.

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