Dolce Vita: Deck Line’s new boat-shaped bar counter

For those who love the water and enjoy their spirits, here is a bar counter like no other. Deck Line’s latest bar design, the Dolce Vita 2m Counter, is sure to conjure up memories of a much-loved marine holiday. The boat-shaped Dolce Vita is an eye-catching addition to any home.

However, design is not the Dolce Vita’s only selling point. As in the case of Deck Line’s earlier Grande Croisière, the Dolce Vita counter is sturdy too. The body is built of fiber glass and this is covered over by wood. Douka, plywood and maple combine to fashion this creation that wood-lovers would appreciate. There’s more for boating fans though, apart from the overall shape that is. The counter is fitted with porthole lighting and comes with an attractive foot stool in stainless steel.

There are a few optional additions as well. Buyers can opt for the stainless steel sink and faucet feature. There is also a slide door option.

Priced at €5,945 (which comes to about $7,820), the Dolce Vita 2m Counter is a limited edition piece. If you are interested, you had better snatch it up quick, before this marvellous piece is sold out.

Spirit-loving people who are considering a bar counter purchase are certainly spoilt for choice these days. Just recently, we had mentioned Splinter Works’ new bar counter, Tipsy, which played with the illusion of balance. With bar counters like Deck Line’s Dolce Vita and Grande Croisière, and Splinter Works’ Tipsy up for grabs, entertaining at home just got stylish.

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