Dodo Newman Takes Up the Titanic Project and Plans to Complete Installation by 2012

The grandeur of Titanic must have been awe inspiring when it set sail for the first time. Its going down into the Atlantic Ocean so suddenly must have been an unimaginable tragedy. Titanic, the movie connected a whole new generation of people to the iconic ship and its tragic end. Now Dodo Newman, the inspirationalist, who says that inspiring others is as essential for her as breathing, has taken up the Titanic project to pay a tribute to the ship and what it represents. Her Monaco II Swarovski Collection has been creating a buzz around the world.

Dodo Newman had announced the original concept for the Titanic Project way back in 2009. This project combines the history with the future and the traditional craftsmanship with luxury. The resin artist has visualized an impressive monument dedicated to the Titanic and our impressions rather than memory of the grand ship. The commemorative project aims to bring 50 of the world’s finest luxury brands together to pay a tribute to Titanic.

A huge 70-meter long, 10-meter high pyramid shaped aquarium presents the basic surface. On the top of the installation, there will be an amazing diamond and crystal surface. A total of 300kg of pure jewelry under LED lighting will represent the best and the finest products from the brands. It will be a display of the masterpieces under a thick cover of water and sea life. Dodo Newman believes that Titanic has given something new to humanity. And as the hundredth year of the end of the grand ship approaches us Dodo has decided to complete the installation project by 2012 in honor of the Titanic.

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