Different Styles of ‘The Star Sprangled Banner’ and folk art

People have different kinds of hobbies. One of the rare ones is collecting flags. Jeff Bridgman is both a collector and dealer of flag folk art, flag day being celebrated on June 12. Attracted to the decorative and rarest flags that he can find, Bridgman has a collection of more than 1,500 antique flags that are examples of unknown artist’s whimsical interpretation.

Priced at $7,800 one of the flags is an unusual Civil War Period flag with 34 stars scattered in all directions. At $58,000 is another that is a political campaign flag made for the 1864 presidential campaign of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. The most valuable of the bunch are the Lincolns two presidential campaigns flags which are once in a lifetime find.

Designers want something little different which are decorative antique flags that add color, design and texture to a room. Like a Wisconsin woman who illustrated her husband’s military service during WWI in 1924 worth $16,500.

Bridgman is based in York City, Pennsylvania. Many of his clients include Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Mary Richardson and some other Republicans and Democrats.

A small American flag from between 1876 and 1908 costs as little as $400 and a battle flag from the 64th New York State Militia Company ‘C’ , a Civil War unit that was present at Gettysburg costs $250,000.

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