Delta Touch 2O Faucet Makes Public Bathrooms Manageable

All of us have experienced, at some time or the other, the nasty bathroom at a gas station. Poor maintenance makes these bathroom so dirty that you don’t feel like touching anything for fear of catching an infection. You can not possibly get it cleaned up before you use it so designers from Delta have created the next best option. They call it Delta Touch 2O Faucet. It is designed to let you activate the faucet with your elbow , arm or any extremity you have handy and saves you the bother of touching the controls with your hand.

At $550 the high-arc design of Pilar provides graceful functionality. This patented design assures you of smooth functioning of the faucet every time. Apart from the sleek design the faucet has incorporated the latest valve technology. This technology ensures a smooth functioning and shuts down the flow completely when you turn off the faucet. The Touch 2O technology makes the faucet very appropriate for public bathrooms. The faucet can be turned on or off with just a touch anywhere on the spout or the handle.

The spray head docking comes in the registered design of Magna Tite. It ensures a snug fit of the wand and makes the performance of the faucet more efficient. The price of the faucet also includes a 32” minimum supply lines below the deck.

Via: DeltaFaucet

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