Dartz Unveils Limited Edition Gold Aladeen Edition Prombron

Sascha Baron Cohen who plays the part of Admiral General Aladeen drives a gold plated SUV in the upcoming movie ‘The Dictator’ which is slated to release on the 16th of May. Dartz made up mind to celebrate the movie by selling a battle truck by the name of Gold Aladeen Edition Prombron for $750,000. The limited edition vehicle was launched at Marques Show 2012, at Grimaldi, Monaco in the presence of Prince Albert II. The supercar has the technology of a spaceship with a unique protection from level B2 to B7, 3’’ ionized glass, reclining seats for massage, wine racks, champagne bottle chillers, and hand stitched leathers.

DARTZ, the prestigious car brand has been continuing its tradition of manufacturing luxury armored car which was founded a century ago. The cars were known to be driven by the royals, renowned sports persons throughout the history and is associated with the aviation traditions. Still the royals & celebrities are buying the vehicle and in the future too, will continue to buy. It was initially built for Nikolai II, Russian Tzar.  This is the only one armored car to fight like a tank. The handcrafted custom built armored car is a luxury version of the tank. The body is made of high quality bullet proof steels.  Its three inch thick glass can bear the shots of shotguns and mine blasts. It boasts that it would withstand the hits of rocket propelled grenades. The armored SUV is built in Latvia and is the most expensive car in the world. The luxury car features wood, high quality leather for interiors and message information centre, auto climate control, airbags, ABS and V8 engines of 400 hp.

The company DARTZ GRUPA is located in the historical RussoBalt which is also famous for the engineer, Igor Sikorsky who invented helicopter. The company would sell 10 copies of Aladeen Edition vehicles ranging from $500,000 to $750,000.

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