Dab Yourself with Coffee Sunscreen, Save your Skin from Sun!

Sipping your favorite cup of coffee with its rich aroma make you want to have more and more anytime of the day. You must have read great news just now that according to studies, caffeine is an alternative to block ultra violet rays protecting the skin from cancer. The coffee suncream heals your sunburn skin repairing damaged skin cells.

American scientists study strengthens that the caffeine without harming healthy cells kills the ultraviolet damaged cells. Caffeine based suncream protects from wrinkles, tan, and skin cancer interfering with the protein of skin called ATR. Drinking six cups of coffee in a day is successfully keeps at bay the skin cancer called melanoma. Almost one third of the disease will be reduced by drinking caffeinated coffee.

In spite of the results, experts say that it does not mean people could consume any amount of coffee or tea. The absorption of UV rays offers a bronzed look clearing wrinkles and damage of the skin. Professor Dot Bennett, from university of London says that molecules of caffeine lotion stimulating pigment cells might contribute to your tanning.

Scientists are of the opinion that studies based on experiments on mice, direct application of caffeine on the skin might prevent damages causing skin. Conney says that inhibition of ATR enzyme at pre-cancerous stage works better than fully developed cancer.

According to Cancer Institute, the sunlight induced cancer of skin is more prevalent in the US. Caffeine intake significantly lessens various cancers including skin cancer. But it is still unclear about its effect and why caffeine gives protection against many diseases.


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