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Culinary indulgence: World’s most expensive piece waiting to be gulped down

Those who love what they swallow will not accept anything less than the very best served on their plates and for perfectionists as such the world’s most expensive piece of ham leg is waiting to be savored in London. The tantalizing leg of Iberico ham is priced at £1,800 and while those who do not bother too much about food and its delights will raise their eyebrow at it, for foodies the 7 kg of ham represents nirvana on plate. So what makes the ham so special?

Well, for starters the ham was made from one of the specially chosen pigs reared by ham expert Manuel Maldonado. Each of them was fed on a diet of acorns and roots. When ready they were slaughtered, salted and cured for three years, before going on sale in a hand-made wooden box wrapped in an apron made by a Spanish tailor. Ask the foodies and they will tell you that every gram of this ham is an experience in itself and a moment that is to be savored forever. Think we are exaggerating? Then you obviously have never dined alongside someone who seeks perfection on their plate.

So, if you do wish to dig your teeth into this piece of magic then Selfridges in London is the place to stop by… Be sure to tell us what it tastes like!

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