Courtney Love Accused of Stealing Diamonds and Sued for $113,700, Finds Love in Henry Allsopp

Jacob & Co. has issued a suit on Monday against Hole singer, Courtney love who had borrowed $113,700 worth jewelry including, a white gold bracelet, paved earrings, diamond and white gold chains. Except the bracelet none of the ornaments were given back to the jeweler Arabo.

There were no immediate responses for the messages by both Love’s spokesman and her lawyer. Jeffrey Klarsfeld, the company’s lawyer said that she had expressed to jeweler Arabov that she’d lost the jewels, but had agreed that she would stand responsible for any damage or loss of the items.

Love was involved in a series of drug abuse and legal complications who is the widow of rock singer Kurt Cobain whose death occurred due to the tragic suicide in 1994. She was asked to do time in 2005 for 180 days for drug abuse. Recently, via Twitter page, she had released X-rated images of herself.

The company, Jacob & Co, New York-based, was founded by the jeweler, Arabov. The ‘King of  Bling’ is also called Jacob arabo. “Jacob the Jeweler” Arabov has done time too for fibbing to detectives about a pan-American drug ring in 2008 and was released in Sept, 10. Perhaps, Courtney Love is a soft target for hardened criminals to extort money from, as she has a bad image in the public anyway. Thankfully she has found companionship in Kirstie Allsopp’s brother Henry Allsopp.

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