Contenix Introduces The All New Contenix Application Portal For Better Control Of Digital Brand Assets

One of the foremost providers of digital brand asset management solutions to premium brand owners, , has now announced the launch of all an new system, the Contenix Application Portal. This newly devised portal is based on the SaaS platform and has been designed to provide premium brand owners with essential tools to manage their digital brand properties all throughout the globe, through a user friendly and effective dashboard. The Contenix Application Portal keeps this brand owners connected to the cloud services, thereby enabling them to interact with multichannel shoppers, providing with a first class online shopping experience and affirming the brand image.

With the help of Contenix Application Portal, brand owners will now be able to better leverage the cloud service by organizing their brand content and supply it to their commercial partners such as boutiques, retailers, employees. Also this highly innovative solutions platform also creates a seamless connection between the back-office and corporate ERP systems, thereby facilitating real time data to manufacturers. As of Contenix is offering the brand owners with some of the most vital services such as the Contenix iPad app, Contenix Publisher, Contenix Library and Contenix Social.

According to Lawrence Kosick (Co-founder, Contenix),

“The channel variables for a global brand are in constant flux. Every day, a brand may add or reduce retailers, update pricing, add new models, and sell out of others. This information can easily be updated from the Contenix Application Portal dashboard, published in real time to websites, social media sites, and to the latest mobile platforms such as the iPhone and iPad. By giving brand owners precise control over how their brand is represented in these crucial channels-thereby ensuring consumers are presented with a high-fidelity brand experience-we can boost sales across all sales channels.”

Via San Francisco Chronicle

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