Colnago and Ferrari Unveil Beautiful Racing Bike

Colnago and Ferrari have joined hands in order to unveil the cool Colnago for Ferrari Di2. It is a cool racing bike that is almost a technological icon. It comes with great Italian craftsmanship and has a carbon fibre frame which is the buzzword today. The cycle is lightweight and weighs just 6kg, which makes it an almost portable bike.

The manufacturers have used the 3PRS technology to strengthen the frames internally which helps to reduce the weight. The Dura-Ace Di2 electronic gear helps you to balance well and only 50 of these units would ever be manufactured. The bike costs an astounding $16,700 and could be one of the most expensive bikes ever manufactured.

If you are planning to go biking with this cool bike, it would be great for you would never get tired of carrying the bikes in places where you can’t bike. If you have the money and if you have a penchant for bicycles, you really can go ahead and buy this cool bike by Ferrari and Colnago and prove to the world that bicycles can be high-end too, and that they can be very environmentally friendly.

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