Cognac Cuvée 1888: Paying tribute to Pierre Frapin in grand style

When it comes to food and wine nothing can ever be enough and refined taste is acquired over time by allowing your taste buds to get a feel for the very best out there. The cognac Cuvee 1888 is one of those that appeals to those highly refined taste buds which can distinguish and identify the many flavors and aromas that lay inside it. Produced from the family of Frapin Rabelais that has been producing wine for the past 20 generations, this special Cognac Cuvée 1888 is designed as a tribute to Pierre Frapin and comes in a casing that is as intoxicating as what comes inside.

An unparallel blend of complex aromas from dried fruits, nuts, raisins, plums and hints of candied orange inviting scents of balsamic and roasted cocoa, beans Tonco and coffee, the Cuvee 1888 is the perfect blend of spicy richness with essence and aroma that gives it’s the extravagant taste. Coming in a unique decanter with pure lines that has a ‘spinning top’ look, the 1888 packs quite a punch.

The limited edition Cognac Cuvee 1888 comes at $7400 and with the 24-carat gold stopper on top, this is one gift that will stay on the shelf for a real long time… Each drop filled with dazzling delight.

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