Coach Commissions Zhang Lan to Create a Series of Leather Goods

Like every other luxury brand American designer brand Coach is also focused on the Chinese market. It recently announced its collaboration with street artist Zhang Lan. The artist is providing the designs for a limited edition range of dragon emblazoned fine leather goods. Zhang Lan is a multi disciplinary artist and has created custom dragon illustrations for Coach. Zhang says that his illustrations have been inspired by a fusion of his trademark graffiti and traditional ink painting styles. Coach is positioning the new line to cash in on the heightened demand during the Lunar New Year celebrations.

The limited edition collection includes a Dragon tote which is crafted out of material with Coach’s Signature mahogany monogram on it. The champagne gold mythical motif imprinted on the tote makes it the perfect accessory that one can purchase during the Chinese festive season. It is sure to trigger conversations at family gatherings. The patent leather tag finished in red color makes not only the tote striking but adds pomp and color to your outfit. It is the ideal accessory for the upcoming season which is the biggest holidays in the Chinese calendar.

Zhang Lan is one of the prominent artists on the contemporary Chinese street art scene. His style may be described as a fusion of punk and traditional aesthetics. He has founded PEN CREW an edgy street art collective to promote his work. Apart from the dragon design for the tote Coach has commissioned the artist to provide the designs around which a series of small leather goods can be created. The collection provides the buyers the chance to own a piece of modern Chinese art history that would stay with you for a long time.

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