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Ciara Goes Shopping With Her Pooches

Paris Hilton has been known to take her pooches along on shopping expeditions. But the Hilton heiress is not the only one. Singer Ciara recently pulled a Paris, carrying her little canine friends in a Louis Vuitton dog carrier, no less.

The 25-year-old singer was out shopping in Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive area with her two four-legged friends for company. Named Tyson and Georgia, the two dogs looked comfortable enough in the Louis Vuitton tote bag, when the papparazzi spotted the trio. Tyson did briefly attempt making a run for it though, almost giving his celebrity owner the slip, probably in a bid to stretch its legs for a bit.

Ciara, dressed in a military green jacked, high peep-toe wedges and white distressed jeans, was busy posing for the papparazzi when her canine friend made its escape attempt. The R&B star is very attached to her dogs. This Valentine’s Day, she tweeted that they were her valentines.

Pets aside, Ciara has also been making a bid for freedom from the contract that she holds with record label Jive Records. She said as much through a statement released on 14 February. The immediate reason for her desire to break ties with the record company is the poor performance of her last album Basic Instinct. The R&B album rose to only 44 on the US charts.

Ciara hass gone public saying that she hopes the label will release her from her contract. She claimed that Jive Records had instructed radio stations not to play her single ‘Gimmie Dat’.

Via: Daily Mail

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