Chinese Luxury Comes Knocking at Tibet’s Door

On Monday, with the inauguration of luxury hotel, the St.Regis Lhasa resort, the Chinese tourism authorities expect a boom in the tourism sector. It is situated in the South West Autonomous Region of China, in the capital city Lhasa, Tibet. The Hotel happens to be the first international hotel in Lhasa, covering nearly 32000 square meters. The St Regis has to depend on natural recourses like geothermal and solar energy which helps saving 93000 kgs of diesel energy in a year.

In spite of all these developments, tourists may hesitate a bit to take interest due to the involvement of Chinese authorities in developing this particular hotel.  This event closes the chapter of Tibet not having an international hotel in its long historic period. For local authorities it is a great encouragement to develop similar hotels. Basically Tibet depends on agriculture, and tourism could drastically improve regional economy. Tibet being the roof of the world, its barren icy patches, its climatic conditions and historical monuments are sources of interest for tourists.

Two more hotels would be ready during 2010 which shows that there is already a tourism boom in Tibet. The introduction of the railway link between Southern Western Region of the Tibet and the rest of China may also help in getting more tourists to visit.

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