CEO Lifestyle 2010: An Indian Luxury Event

Like promised earlier, I did get to visit the CEO Lifestyle 2010 last evening and it turned out to be quite what I expected. There were hardly any visitors, and the stalls remained empty. Some of the companies that I spoke to were the Marigold Group, who had bling purses, a curious Salvador Dali sculpture, and a few furniture.

There also was the Fresh & Honest Cafe Ltd, which was selling coffee machines designed by a Ferrari designer. Streisand Art had a stall, and were exhibiting commercial art meant for the purpose of generating funds for the underprivileged. Ebony Gautier had a stall with their imported French furniture, and Bird Travels were showcasing a few yachts with the help of brochures.

Porsche Design had a stall too, and they features watches, a cellphone and smoking accessories.

Bang & Olufsen was by far the most interesting of all the stalls, and they featured a LED TV with built-in speakers, a CD player that could play multiple discs and also a mini CD player.

The designs of the Bang & Olufsen were quite impressive, and they looked good too. Apart from that, a motley group of cars were parked and they included Bentley and a few others. I could also notice Segway scooters and a few cycles.

It may not be a big surprise for most of the people who are used to luxurious products, but this could be the beginning of luxury events in India. India as a country is not a huge luxury market and it is still in the nascent stage. The lukewarm response by both visitors and the exhibitors themselves suggest that India as a country still needs time to warm up to spending big money.

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