Casa Las Nubes Is the Best Residential Property in Costa Rica

The luxury villa, Casa Las Nubes with its curved design located on a private beach in forest hillside in Tulemar.  Andres Morales has won award for his design in Costa Rica. Casa Las Nubes has been honoured as Best Property in residential category in Costa Rica. The owners Leah Cloud and Howard and an architect, Andres Morales  have taken more attention to create a more energy efficient and sustainable home, harvesting the sun for electricity  to heat water and a water catchment system as they have 150 inches rainfall.

Casa Las Nubes, an exclusive residential resort on the hill side overlooking Pacific Ocean is located in Manuel Antonio. The roof is designed to catch two thousand gallons of water for an inch of rain fall. By this system they are able to store 5,280 gallons of water for the use of gardens and house. Through filters, a charcoal filter and a final ultraviolet system guests could get purest water. The roof’s overhangs offer passive cooling, lessening the dependence on air-conditioning. Swimming pool through the middle of the home also serves the same purpose. The six solar panels of 190-watt generate major requirement of electricity of the home. The electricity stored by the battery system could be used for later use.

You need not sacrifice your comforts as Casa Las Nubes has all modern amenities. Brilliant and thoughtful design of Casa Las Nubes will make your stay enjoyable with benefits of eco-friendly greener living which is virtually invisible. Kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances which are re-usable and durable, are better alternatives for the petroleum derived plastics.

Via: Timesunion

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