Casa Diaz: The Chic Zig Zig House of Mexico

This house building project deals with constructing ‘Casa Diaz’ bordered by a water body in a small town Valle de Bravo near Mexico City. The architectural plan consists of a rectangular volume and is aimed at the securing maximum benefits of the existing surroundings. There is an effort to bring balance between environment and dwelling so the entire side will be open to the lake. The hilly side encouraged the architects to create three zigzag fashion volumes with irregular courtyards and terraces which could be seen from roads of the village.

The house is traditionally built with natural stone, plaster, wood, and tiles according to the urban development authority’s instruction. The view of the house form the lake looks like rectangular series of volumes with large glass surfaces. The house has been built for the customer Diaz family by builder Leonardo León. In Mexico, the construction is built for a site area of 520 m2 and built in area 450 m2.  The design process is based on confirmation of the projects like ventilation, lighting, setting; etc the site is very unique with its typological and topographical conditions which influence the urban image of the building and design strategy.

Mexico City based office Productora has been founded by members namely Wonne Ickx (Belgium) Victor Jaime (Mexico), Carlos Bedoya (Mexico), and Abel Perles (Argentina) with individual professional experiences and educational backgrounds contribute for each assignment a diverse approach. Productora does not adhere to an established strategy in its exploration where ideas take place intuitively in its continuous production. Hence, Productora the word itself suggests in Spanish continuous production as a testing method.

The office takes up various projects in abroad (Asia, South America) and Mexico   ranging from public buildings, office to single-family dwellings. Productora is one of the architectural studios to build villas for the Ordos100 Project in Inner Mongolia, China.

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