Capsula Multi-brand Store in Budapest Preserves Hungarian Heritage

Customers can choose clothes and accessories from high end international fashion brands in the same shelves. The extremely elegant Capsula Multi-brand Store is situated in Budapest, Hungary. The store’s arched surface, interior design, and lighting accentuate the stunning high-end fashion. The project is a joint venture between two Hungarian architects Eniko Korompay and Sandor Gocsei who have tried to preserve the historic indoor columns giving the contemporary touch.

The luxury retail shop accommodates multi luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana etc., whose products can be displayed side by side, without being obstructed by coat hangers. The bags and shoes in sunken space in the wall represent the stores logo interpreting the letter á of multiband store. The capsules’ illumination makes brighter the accessories of designers. The collection of fashion products in the Capsula store gives an air of opulence. Near the entrance of the space there is a black glass fixture in a little higher place of a mannequin which draws the attention in the large showroom which leads to a dressing and garment rooms.

You could see conventional heritage factors with contemporary urban flavor. The scenic spectacular height without barriers will attract the attention of any one. The garments in the centre, furnishings and bold arches make you feel as if you have entered into an exhibition hall. The ceiling with column like structure in black paint is retained as original it was before. There is a smooth transition from the front into back space with a glossy curved ceiling which lower in height contributes to aesthetic fervor.

Via: Designboom

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