Can Diamonds Make “Twilight” Last Forever?

It’s been quite some time now that movies and merchandise go hand in hand. With Spiderman T-shirts, Hannah Montana bags, Titanic necklaces and so on, movie related products not only help in promoting movies but is also a way to mint money. As marketers keep looking for newer and more innovative ways to advertise their products, movies present themselves as a great opportunity to do so.

With the much awaited sequel of “Twilight” coming up marketers thought of yet another unique offering. This time it’s something that will last you forever. A diamond studded engagement ring. Co designed by “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Co., this ring is a replica of one that adorns the finger of Bella Swan in the saga. It’s a Victorian era design crafted by master artisans with an open-work gallery and a finely polished edge that surrounds the brilliant faceted stones.

This ring will not only create an excitement around the romance of Edward and Bella, but also remind audience of the “Eclipse” long after the movie is released. As they say a diamond is forever, this ring encrusted with real stones will ensure that the movie stays unforgettable. Especially for the ardent fans who choose to propose their soul mates with it.

Moreover, Infinite Jewelry has launched this ring in three pieces, “fashion” for $35, “fine” for $479, and “genuine,” for a real diamond ring priced at $1979. All the rings are encrusted with radiant stones in an elegant, domed-oval, band. So let’s see if this ring can make the “Twilight” Saga eternal.


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