Calleija and Aston Martin come together to create fine Jewels inspired by a Car

For all those ladies out there who adore jewellery piece and have a fetish for sports car, this is what you were looking for always. Calleija a brand name in creating luxurious pieces of jewellery is back again with a bang and this time they have carved a limited edition of luxurious jewellery pieces which by the way have been inspired by a car. Yes, the mega jewelery brand worked in collaboration with the British car manufacturer, Aston Martin, and their latest line of jewels seeks inspiration from the Aston Martin sleek super car, the One 77.  The range of jewellery was finally showcased at London’s Mayfair on 16th May. The collaboration and the creation of these limited edition jewels was actually an ode to the One-77, a very expensive car which was sold off this year soon after its debut in 2010.

A Jewel and a Car

Based in Gold Coast, Australia Calleija have been enthralling everyone with their designs for a long time now. The designer John Calleija was always known for his passion for the precious jewels and thus manages to produce wonders at the Marina Mirage on the Gold Coast. The jewels reflect a sophisticated European style and this comes from John’s Italian and Maltese mixed origin. It is for his very discerning clientele that John travels the world in search of gems and stones that exude brilliance and in the process creates jewels that are unique and amongst the finest pieces in the world. John has several awards under his belt which includes the prestigious De Beers Diamonds International Award which he won in 2000 and carved a niche for himself. In 2003 he launched his new diamond cut ‘Glacier’ and in 2005 opened the very spacious and elegant Marina Mirage store.

It was at a dinner when that the Chief Executive Aston Martin happen to mention the designer at Calleija to create a fine piece of art that is sync with their cars and can also be worn. The jewellery brand and designer, John Calleija, have always wanted to test new grounds and always try something new with their jewellery designs.It was perhaps this urge that prompted them to collaborate with British Car manufacturing giants, Aston Martin and create limited edition jewels which will become known for their very different style and brilliance.

So what do you get when a manufacturer of fine automobiles and a designer of fine luxury jewels join hands? What you get is sheer innovativeness and designing at its best. The Calleija limited edition collection of jewels features 77 versions out of which only one has been inspired by the Aston Martin Car One-77. The most attractive and sought after design of this collection is ASTAR. The design was a brainchild of John Calleija and is actually a gemstone with fine cuts. It is the legendary Aston Martin grille that has inspired the ASTAR and it took several excellent gemstone cutters to create this fine piece of jewellery.

It took about six years for the jewellery giant to create this luxurious collection of jewellery and it is the finest that we have ever seen with the ASTAR at the top of the order.

Via Calleija

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