Burlesque Dolce Vita Chair Questions the Assumptions We Have of Luxury and Lifestyle

Swiss born Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo, who think differently challenge the existing system of furniture with their Dolce Vita Chair. They believe that the survival of individuals depends on thinking beyond the social, methodical norms that are traditionally suppressed; and the need to celebrate the “difference”. These designers work with a strategy of engagement through disengagement to give you the insight to accept the change.

Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo explore the very nature of originality and thus question the accepted customs. The young duo have launched their ‘Dolce Vita’ chair, which would come in limited editions. It is composed of two chairs sandwiched together with polyurethane foam and in its nature of originality it is so, but in an ironic contrast it is not.

The theme is about reduction of refinement and tasteful appearance to simpler and more repeated form, being present everywhere at once as we see mass production of plastic chairs sandwiched together with primitive filling which shows their attractiveness and repulsiveness at the same time.

The exhibition can be visited in Berlin till the 15th of January 2010. It is organized by Sophie Lovell, the editor of Wallpaper magazine. The chair questions the existing norms of minimalism and is sort of a burlesque answer to modern decadence and refinery.

Via: Design Boom

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