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Bulgari Limited Collection Jewels to be Launched Later this Year

Bulgari is going to introduce updated fine jewelry called “Bulgari Bulgari” later this year.   The collection retains the Italian jeweler’s characteristic features focusing on ring’s style with ‘Bulgari Bulgari’ engraving within the frame of circular shape. You could choose between necklaces, rings and bracelets with 18 carat yellow or white gold framing dazzling diamonds, or mother-of-pearl on one side and onyx in the centre on the other side. The innovative “dual core”, with black and white enables you to pair jewels for various occasions according to your moods. These jewelries will grace your neck and fingers with unique beauty.

The Italian fashion brand Bulgari is inspired by classical Roman and Greek art which can be noticed in their jewels like rings, bracelets and gold necklaces. Bulgari jewelers are known for high quality taste and the precise work. The exclusive and elegant pieces are crafted by fine jewelers as part of the Bulgari Bulgari collection. These are the latest jewels and come with an engraving of ‘Bulgari Bulgari’. The new line of jewels is more relevant to contemporary style.

Fine jewelries are symbols of status and luxury and are also recognized as art pieces. The changes in design reflect the innovations occurred with historical background and culture of that particular period throughout the world.  Bulgari has crafted exquisite jewelries and watches since more than 150 years. The work of art was a highly preferred option of great film star Elizabeth Taylor and these jewel are the favorites of fashionable people, celebrities and movie stars. Most valuable Bulgari’s collections can be spotted in museums around the globe. They are fashion forward jewels with cutting-edge class and timeless femininity. You can anticipate that the upcoming collection take the world by storm for their designs and delicacy.

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