British Firm Smith of Derby Announces Islamic Clock

If you thought praying was all about absolvence and confessions and begging for mercy, think again. It could also be about luxury, and opulence. Take for instance the countries of the Gulf, where Islam rules the roost. They not only [practice Islam ardently, but also are very faithful. However, they are extremely rich and can afford luxury stuff that you and I can’t even think about sometimes.

This time around, an enterprising British firm Smith of Derby‘s has unveiled the “Islamic Clock” which comes with a gold leaf finish and would cost a whopping 20,000 Pounds. It shall be unveiled at the Interiors Show at Abu Dhabi. This is quite a serious matter as clocks and time are very important to Muslims and they usually need to pray 5 times a day. Looking at this luxurious clock might want them to pray a few more times as well! The more you pray, the better you feel is what the company is trying to say.

This particular clock is a cross between horlogerie and high end art. It has a curious design and a really curious look which would make you want to buy it immediately. you can also take a look at all the wonderful clocks that we have featured earlier. We usually feature clocks during the Baselworld. You might want to read about Baselworld 2011, and also you might want to read about Baselworld 2010. Luxury Timepieces make a lot of people excited, but unfortunately, we still have not learned how to stop time.

Via: The National

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