Bridgehampton’s Sandcastle Fetches A Rent of $35,000 Per Day

We all know that rental properties could be ridiculously expensive in Britain, and that common people have no option but to depend upon social welfare. However, there are many people in Britain who like us, are willing to spend loads of money if they come across a property that is exquisite enough. With that in mind, Bridgehampton’s Sandcastle could just be the most expensive rental property in the world.

It costs an amazing $35,000 to stay in a castle like that, and recently a family shelled out $500,000 for a 2 week stay. The Bridgehampton’s Sandcastle comes with features such as a two-lane bowling alley, a skateboard half-pipe, a rock climbing wall, a disco, a tennis court, theatre, a children’s entertainment centre, a heated gunite pool with an underwater stereo system and a spa facility.

It almost looks like fairy tale land if you look at the picture but it really is not worth spending a half a million buck in order to stay at some castle for just 15 days, right? I would rather buy a real castle in some desolate part of Britain where it snows and stays gloomy always. That is what is called life now! Britain can sometimes really surprise people from other parts of the world.

Via: News Day/Corcoran

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