Breath Taking Design of Pond Kitchen by Kamkam Brings Nature Indoors

KAMKAM is a design group located in Seoul, South Korea. The three cofounders are Hyunjin Seo, Jaekyoung Kim, Jaehoon Jung. Their designs have been very imaginative and the way they have brought their ideas to shape is often stunning. They have recently unveiled the design for a kitchen. They call it the Pond Kitchen and the very look and the feel of everything in the kitchen is very different from anything you have seen before.

Jaehoon Jung has been credited with the design and creation of the Pond Kitchen.  The futuristic design simply looks incredible. The name is perhaps inspired by the sink which has been designed to be like a pond with waves of water. The whole unit has been so designed that it makes you feel closer to the nature. Apart from the look and the feel, they have added sound elements also to bring the nature indoors.

The Pond Kitchen works on several sensory levels. The sink, designed to look like waves in the pond, gives you auditory experience of a water stream. Pebble shaped control box on deck gives tactual sense. Over all, the impact of the design by the Korean designer Jaehoon Jung is breath taking.

Via: design-flute

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