Brand New Luxury Yacht From Northcoast Yachts Available For Sale At $22 Million

Stephen Yadvish, the owner of one of the foremost yacht manufacturing units Northcoast Yachts, took a pretty hefty risk when he decided to design and develop a 125 foot yacht without any pre-orders or a client waiting to purchase the boat. This all new luxury yacht is available of sale with a price tag of $22 million and as the yacht has already been built, the availability is instantaneous. Mr. Yadvish bought the company, Northcoast Yachts located in Tacoma in the year 2003 and the company has been in the yacht building business since the year 1988.

The idea behind the rapid design and development of the yacht is that, the rich and famous who wish to acquire a yacht for their use are never really want to wait for two years for their order to be constructed and delivered and with an already completed boat, such buyers can immediately take home their very own luxury yacht. Northcoast Yachts did not spare any expenses when it came to the comforts that the yacht would provide. The bathroom alone is made of about $10,000 of Italian onyx. Similarly, the room table, leather floors, a white leather couch are all custom designed in Italy and yacht has also been given flat panel televisions.

This luxury yacht is said to have nine bathrooms, five bedrooms and an onboard sewage treatment plant and one of the most astounding of all features is its seawater conversion system, that can convert about ,800 gallons of seawater to fresh water every day, with the help of reverse osmosis desalination process.

According to Stephen Yadvish,

“It is a masterpiece. What we built is a real art project. Most yachts do not have this level of detail. I wanted to build this for that special person who does not want a typical production model, but a Bentley or a Bugatti.”

Via Tacoma Weekly

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