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Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond speakers: Acoustic majesty unleashed!

When it comes to perfection in music few can compete with Bowers & Wilkins and their high-end technology that has withstood and excelled six long years without an upgrade in an industry where products normally become outdated in matter of days. The last time the British AV manufacturer released a model in its 800 Series of speakers was a good six years ago and as we step into the new decade they have decide to rev it up a notch or two by launching the latest in the line of 800 Series.

The 800 Series Diamond speakers are the elite of the musical world and the latest masterpiece is sure to please the senses of every music lover across the globe. Sporting an enhanced Diamond Dome Tweeter that is set to dish out increased efficiency and improve the dynamic range along with a quad-magnet design that would give bass less distortion. Also coming with the 800 series Diamond is Kevlar FST mid-range drivers, Nautilus tube-loaded tweeters, Matrix enclosures and the unique sphere / tube heads.

Making these speakers with pin-point precision and impeccable audio quality, B&W also have added an aesthetic touch to their design that complements the acoustic ability. Available in shades of Rosenut, Cherrywood, and Piano Black the range starts from £3,750 and the best of the lot are available for £18,500… Nothing too much for a relaxing evening!

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