Bossini’s Aquavolo Musical Chromotherapy Showers for Music Lovers

Bossini has brought in a great innovation to transform simple bathroom shower into luxurious magical experiences. Bossini’s Aquavolo Musical Chromotherapy showers come fitted with hidden sound system and LED lights, so one can have true light, water and sound experience while taking a simple shower.

The Bossini showerheads are amazingly versatile and can not only be tilted in various angles but even water flow can be modified from rainfall (WideRain jet) to cascading fall (Waterfall jet). The sound system is built inside showerhead and speakers can be fitted into any iPod to play favorite numbers while taking a luxurious bath. All bathroom singers and music lovers will love this super luxurious shower.

Though the LED light effect may not be liked by all but nevertheless it will make a simple shower a spectacular experience and will lift the spirits of the person. It would be ideal for any spas which offer therapeutic packages for depressed souls. No one can deny power of music and flowing water in rejuvenating tired souls. Of course it would be ideal in a luxurious home with elegant ambience.

Check out Bossini’s Aquabambu outdoor pool shower columns which look like natural water fall cascading down. It is ideal for personal or public pools. Both designs are minimalist and elegant which has always been signature style of Bossini.

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